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the Soul Adventurer with Jennifer Jayde

Oct 12, 2019

It's here!! The highly anticipated episode with Amber Cavanagh - the West Coast Medium herself! 

In this episode we answer all your most FAQ's about life, death, soul lessons, chronic illness, living your purpose and more! 

So many of your life's mysteries you've been pondering in the back of your mind will finally be answered TODAY!


SOME of the topics we cover in today's Soul Adventurer Podcast episode are;

  • How Amber realized her gifts, why she spent the majority of her life so far hiding them
  • The breakthrough moment that convinced her to begin sharing them
  • Why good people have seemingly bad experiences, like Cancer, MS, and other painful (and sometimes terminal) diseases

    Questions like; 
  • Why does anyone die young - from children to young adults with families?
  • How can you tell if you’re a young soul, or an old soul?
  • What happens to people who commit suicide - are they welcomed on the other side?
  • If someone is sick, ill, or physically/mentally challenged in some way - did they their loved ones, spouse, kids, caregivers - choose to have this experience with them? Or are their loved ones the victim of outside circumstance?
  • What if you feel like you’re not living in alignment with your purpose, your potential - that something is missing. What can we do to move forward in a way that feels good and aligned with our soul when we don’t know what that is?
  • Did I plan my life in advance, or do I have Free Will?
  • I’ve experienced bad things in my life, things I didn’t want to happen - why?
  • What actually is Deja Vu?
  • If I don’t like the way my life is going - do I actually have the power to change it, or was it already planned out before I was born?
  • Is it greedy or selfish to have desires beyond what I already have in my life?
  • How can I be motivated by something other than fear?
  • What happens when an Old Soul is done living lives?
  • Can I learn how to connect with my own guides and intuition for clarity - or is that something I need to visit a intuitive/psychic for?
  • Why does someone sometimes have an altered personality have a traumatic/life threatening event. Can two souls agree to change places during a near-death experience?
  • What is a Psychopath - if they have no empathy or connection to emotion - do they have a Soul at all?

    *** And how to tune more deeply into your own purpose in life!

(This is a MUST listen, my friend, trust me!) 


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Enjoy :) 





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Jennifer Jayde is an award winning and internationally 2x best-selling Spiritual Growth author, speaker, and creator of the Awakener’s Certification online program for women who desire to Awaken their purpose, Align with their Highest Self, and Inspire others along the way.  Within 2 years of stepping into her own soul-aligned role, she has been invited to TV interviews both in Canada and the US, became an international best selling author and speaker, and asked to guest host worldwide tropical retreats for women desiring to lead a soul inspired life full time.  


She resides part-time in San Diego, California, and part-time on Vancouver Island in Canada - but feels at home wherever there's sunshine and salty air...

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