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the Soul Adventurer with Jennifer Jayde

Mar 24, 2019

CALLING ALL Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs - THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING FOR YOU!

It's taken years of emotional turmoil, life lessons, wins and defeats in creating my nearing 7 figure Soul Aligned business in order to learn these 4 VITAL SECRETS when it comes to soaring both inwardly and outwardly. Feeling empowered, confident, strong, capable, believing in myself and my abilities - didn't come naturally to me. 


I had to learn these 4 things - and when I did - everything changed. 


More clients, more income, price increases with ease, boundaries for myself and my happiness, more time, more IMPACT - and most importantly - MORE JOY! 


Inside this episode you WILL learn: 

- the top 4 VITAL Secrets that have helped me create a nearing 7 figure Soul Aligned Life and Business - that NO ONE EVER TOLD ME - not even my own coaches (not their fault! They taught me MANY other things)

- If having a job when you're first starting your business is helping you or hindering you - my HONEST opinion 

- How having a deep desire to be of service to others COULD ACTUALLY BE HINDERING YOU from doing so!!! (Brain bender for sure - and a shockingly HUGE relief once you get it!!!) 

- How you may be unknowingly REPELLING clients, and how you can begin to absolutely MAGNETIZE them, starting TODAY. 



This is an episode YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!!! 

What I'm sharing with you in this episode is priceless in value, and almost has me worried about giving it all away for free - that you won't actually value just how much it's actually worth. 

But my inner guide is PUMPED that we created this episode, and we're hoping you'll both listen AND share it with as many people as possible!!! 


If you're truly the kind of person that loves to help others, BE SURE to screen shot this episode, share it on your Social Media channels - and tag me when you do - so I can re-share you and your post!! :D 



Lots of Love,

                  Jen xoxo



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Please note Jennifer Jayde’s (including her guests’ as well) guidance, advice and coaching is not to be used as replacement for medical needs including therapy, medication, or any other remedy. We do not make any guarantees or claims that are to be relied upon. What’s shared inside this podcast is for personal self exploration purposes only and not to be relied upon in any way, shape or form.